About Us & Our Materials

About us...

HandyShapes.com strives to be the best online source for quality sign blanks for industry professionals. We manufacture everything in house with an attention to detail. Every effort is made to keep our prices as low as possible! Our product line is always growing. If you can't find what you are looking for let us know!

Thank you for shopping with us, we appreciate you choosing us!

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Free Vector Files

We provide .EPS vector files for all of the items we sell free of charge to our customers. To download our most current vecor library, simply click HERE or on the shape images below.

Our Materials: Corrugated Plastic

Our corrugated plastic signs are made from “Matraplast” branded fluted polypropylene. The flutes are the tunnels you see in the side view below. they provide structure and a slot to insert the mounting stake. Manufactured in North America, this industry standard material has a 2-3 year outdoor lifespan in most conditions. It’s known in the sign industry for being rigid, durable, and inexpensive! We currently offer it in four colors. Available colors vary by item.

Our Materials: Magnets

We precision cut all of our magnets from 30mil magnetic sheets. These sheets are made in the USA and feature consistant magnetic pull over the entire surface area. What this means for you is that our magnets stick well and are great for vehicle applications or windy conditions. A lifespan of 2-3 years can be expected in most conditions. When applied to painted surfaces in enviroments where dust and dirt are common we recommend removing the magnet ever 1-2 weeks and cleaning both it and the application area.